'The building appears on the planning to be more towards the PSV stadium than the current ziggo building. If this is the case and the building therefore comes more to the 'right' from the heart of RIO and is taller, this will take away the current view of the residents of the adjacent heart of RIO. Has this been considered and what will this mean for me as a resident of heart of RIO? Will I receive compensation for the inconvenience in combination with working from home, which will become difficult or impossible as a result, so that I have to incur extra costs to go to work? Will the possible loss of view be reflected in my rent? Such aspects have been taken into account when setting the rent. As well as the fact that with a new residential tower I suddenly have people living opposite me who can constantly look in.

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- Eurostaete seems to be more towards the stadium than the current Ziggo building The façade line of Eurostaete follows the façade line of Rio to complete the Hartje Eindhoven plan. With [...]

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